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imageInner Banks Living current offerings. We are in constant search of waterfront communities that meet our criteria for investment and usage. New areas, developments and subdivisions from the Inner Banks region are added to our list of opportunities on a regular basis. Check this page often for a new properties...
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imageInner Banks Living helps to resolve many of the issues associated with property acquisition. Traditional funding may not be available to some. Others might not realize what is available to them with resources they already have.
Inner Banks Living can help both the investor and end user to accomplish their goal...
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Waterfront Property NCWhat is the Inner Banks?

North Carolina's Inner Banks is over 3,000 miles of inner coast line sited behind the better known Outer Banks. The area is expansive with a land mass over 22,000 square miles. Untainted, untarnished, and virtually untouched ever since the original settlers arrived here almost 500 years ago...Click Here to Learn More



What is Inner Banks Living, what Inner Banks Living doesWho we are? Inner Banks Living is a solutions company focused on three key areas:

1. Real Estate
Inner Banks Living core purpose is procuring land opportunities at attractive price points along the Inner Banks of North Carolina. These acquisitions are designed for the investor with future resale in mind, but are also ready for the end user right now.

2. Development
Inner Banks Living is a development company that features our own subdivisions along the Inner Banks of North Carolina. Our properties include both waterfront communities and subdivisions in emerging areas.

3. Solutions
Inner Banks Living is NOT a real estate agency or investment firm. We are a solutions company. We solve the problem of over-priced real estate and lack of prime locations. We give choice to the traditional investment of stocks, bonds and mutual funds and show how real estate can become part of your portfolio. We offer free IRA Real Estate seminars that educate investors on how they can purchase IRA waterfront property inside an IRA or 401K plan.


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