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Mike Olexa Discusses Successful Real Estate Purchases

Mike Olexa with Inner Banks Living is a successful real estate investor and developer.
In this exclusive video interview Mike discusses some of the things he looks for when purchasing real estate.

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Sound Bite Highlights!

“I try to position my clients in areas that are growing. I look for things such medical facilities, airports and universities. I do my homework. I like to be in areas that will sell themselves and provide the amenities.”

Price Point
“There’s an old saying, “Appeal to the masses”. When you do, appeal to the masses you appeal to the segment of the population that can afford your product. And here in North Carolina we have a very affordable product.”

Know the Comps (Comparables)
“Make sure you are not buying in the middle or in the top end of the game.”

Warren Buffet
“Warren Buffet once said, “When people are greedy, I am scared. When people are scared, I am greedy”. I look at this opportunity of the over-all real estate market right now as really an opportunity to position myself and my customers to buy good affordable properties at the right price.“Let’s face it. There are some amazing opportunities out there right now.”

Time Table
“Patience is always the name of the game. I think you absolutely have to be at least 2 years out before you consider re-selling a property. You want to buy quality. You want to buy at the right price. But you got to be in the game for the long run.”

“You can’t be jumping in and out. I’ve seen it over and over. People jump into stocks; they jump into what’s hot and at the end of the day-it just never seems to work out.”.... “PATIENCE IS THE GAME." Said Mike Olexa