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There are many funding opportunities available when it comes to purchasing real estate. You may not be aware of some options or why certain choices would be advantageous to you. Our goal is to highlight these funding opportunities as an aid to making an informed and educated decision.

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Land vs. Stocks

Points to ponder

    Land is real and tangible. You can use it, enjoy it and build on it.

    With land there are no fund managers or wealth management individuals managing it-no maintenance to this investment.

   You control it. You own it. Land is a deeded asset.

    You make the decisions on when to sell. No CEOs and no executive bonus plans.

    Land is a hard asset with a perpetual real value. It will always have a value of its own due to its physical attributes.

   Land has a use, a purpose, a function.

•   Land has an intrinsic value.

      Land is limited you can’t make more of it. The less land available, the more the price tends to climb.

     The stock market has the unlimited ability to expand having the potential to devalue existing stocks.

     Intangible assets are often times difficult to value and prone to rapid and frequent price fluctuations.


We all are aware of the recent market tumble and declines in stocks. But as the stock market recovers, some stocks and industry groups will have been damaged far beyond the ability to recover. This is a purging of the market. If you have lost 50% of your portfolio in this decline, it will take you an average of a 7% increase a year for 10 years to recover the monies you have lost.

An inflationary cycle always follows a recession. Real estate values traditionally rise in inflationary environments.

A well diversified portfolio is always advised. Real Estate should be an important part of everyone's investment strategy. With real estate, strong consideration should be given to a 3 to 5 year holding period to achieve investment goals.

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