Inner Banks Living  
Our Story
Mike Olexa is founder and CEO of Inner Banks Living. His business module and philosophy were born from hands on experience. Mike’s first customer was himself, so he understands the challenges on a very personal level.

  “The land investment model in Eastern North Carolina worked for me for more than 20 years and I want to share that model with our clients. I believe in the value of North Carolina real estate, culture, history and natural beauty,” explains Mike.

“My business philosophy is simple - you build it right or you don’t build it. Inner Banks Living was created with a vision to help people attain their long term goals, whether it be to increase their net worth or providing them an elite location to live," adds Mike.

Investing in land himself has given Mike an insight that few have. “A lot of people have been hurt with their investments in the past two years and people need a solution right now. I have built Inner Banks Living on a solid foundation of trust, integrity, and giving sound real estate advice to my clients.  My clients trust me to do what is best for them. They know Inner Banks Living is behind them,” says Mike.

“I have committed my life to the Inner Banks of North Carolina. It will be difficult for you to find more passion for what we do in any other organization,” says Mike.


 We believe that by putting the customer’s best interest first that everything else falls into place. Years of experience have proven these beliefs to be true. It is you and your best interests that have been the foundation of the Inner Banks Living success.










What IBL Clients Have to Say

"I am thoroughly pleased with the projects I've been involved with Inner Banks Living. From the ground floor I'm involved at every step, learning more about coastal properties and investment projects.

  "Mike continues to show a tremendous ability to search and find new projects. Being 600 miles away from coastal projects isn't a problem for me because I know Mike is working in my best interests both professionally and personally."
Trevor Ryals
Former NFL Lineman Los Angeles Rams


"My wife Patsy and I can't speak highly enough about working with Mike Olexa. "When we first bought land from Mike, we knew very little about real estate and Mike was very helpful, taking us step by step through the process and educating us.
He proved to be extremely knowledgeable and wasn't just trying to make a sale."After we completed the sale, he continued to follow up with us about the property and surrounding area to see if we had any questions or needed anything.

When we decided to sell the property, Mike worked extremely hard to get it sold and we were very happy with the result. "Throughout this process, my wife and I not only made a business contact, but a friend and we will definitely be contacting Mike in the future for other real estate needs."

Eric Johnson Tight Ends/Recruiting Coordinator University of Iowa Football